Jonáš Karásek



I am always glad if I get to work on a project from scratch, from the very first idea.
But I appreciate even more if I have the opportunity to carry out whole process on my own, all the way to the end result.
I finalised a number of projects, ranging from shorter TV commercials and music videos to more complex tasks,
such as the short film “Game” and “The Swan” or “My Uprising” series, being in charge of the full visual postproduction.
Another interesting job was to create a visual identity for KINORAMA or the animations for OD VECI TV show.
Bellow you can find some of my postproduction and animation work.



Full 3D & 2D animation projects also need a film director
or someone who takes care and responsibility for the overall visuality.
In this special position I often cooperate with Alien studio or studio Ekran.
Some projects carried out under my supervision are included below.

An example of how we actually make it: