Jonáš Karásek


feature film > 100 min | Black Comedy | February 2023

— ✞ —

The hero of our story – Laco, is a neurotic, latently racist handyman
working at a small-town museum. Laco can fix pretty much anything, but can he repair his family relationships? Deep down, he might be a good man, but it’s hard to see it through his temper, which causes him a lot of trouble– especially when it comes to his family. And one lovely summer day, Laco’s outburst of rage escalates beyond usual, and he ends up throwing his son’s beloved stereo out of the window. The teenage breakdancer runs away from home, and Laco’s wife vows never to talk to him again. Our hero tries to save the situation by buying a new stereo through a classified ad. His plans are spoiled by a group of petty criminals who lure him into a trap. Laco ends up beaten, robbed, and left for dead at the bottom of a sewer. Laco survived just by a hair and ended up being permanently disabled. His savior is the good-natured gypsy – Gabo,  who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but has a heart of gold. Laco’s multiple calls for justice and attempts to report the crime he was subjected to are not taken seriously by anyone, let alone the authorities. Laco decides to take vengeance into his own hands. But his temper gets in a way again when he applies for a legal gun permit and explodes during the psychological evaluation. And so, in a rather absurd fashion, Laco uses his skills and turns the historical artifacts from the museum – the antique muskets and flintlocks into a lethal arsenal and begins his quest for justice. The only person on Laco’s side is his unlikely new friend Gabo, who is always happy to help. This bizarre relationship, where Gabo believes he is somehow responsible for Laco’s misfortune, grows into a beautiful friendship. And through Gabo, with his relentless naivety and goodness, Laco starts to realize what is truly important in life.